New Book about Pope Francis’ enemies -and Trump approaching them-: "Secret Vatican"; “A Disturbing Book”: ExCongressman Spataro
Italian Politician Agostino Spataro: "New Mexican Book 'Secret Vatican' (Penguin Random House) is 'Disturbing', Should be Named 'Holy Apostasy'; The book proves that the 'Book of Revelations' (John's) and the 'Secrets of Fatima' are False or were Distorted. A Shock."

Secret Vatican, by Leopoldo Mendívil López (Penguin) / 21st Century: Economy of Terror, by Agostino Spataro and Giuseppe Lo Brutto
“If the sources are confirmed”, Spataro asserts, “a lot of things will be clear now”. He regards the “strategy of terror” that Italy and the world lived and suffered for decades -terrorism akin to present day's ISIS-; “the role played by so many ‘people’ and governments”, is shocking.

The Sicilian politician and former congressman –for three Legislatures of Italy: VII, VIII and IX- says “Secret Vatican” is “a very disturbing book.” He asserts: “I have finished Reading ‘Secret Vatican’ by the Mexican writer Leopoldo Mendívil López, who supports , and, in his way, proves, that the Book of Revelations (by John) was forged, just as the ‘third secret of Fatima’ has been manipulated.” The politician and journalist believes that, “The book is so shocking that I have let myself rename it: ‘Sant Apostasia’ –Holy Apostasy-. I recommend it.”

The “strategy of terror” alluded by former Congressman Spataro is no other than Operation Gladio, described profusely in “Secreto Vaticano”: a clandestine top-secret espionaje operation that the U.S. government ran in secret, in Europe, mainly in Italy, involving the Vatican Bank, the Mafia and the most famous Masonic Lodge “Propaganda Due” –portraited by Mario Puzzo and Francis Ford Coppola in their blockbuster ‘Godfather Part III’, where they used fake names to hide the identities of the actual real human beings involved.

Operation Gladio, despite its fictional and entertaining depiction in the movie, was absolutely real, just as the Masonic Lodge P-2. The Vatican Bank, and the Vatican itself, in a broad sense, was a “forced tool”, exploited by the United States intelligence community as a “shielded financial pipeline” to conduct and finance covert activities, such as terrorist attacks in European cities, carried out by CIA-trained agents that pretended act as “left-wing” agitators. The Masonic Lodge P-2 played the critical role of an “organizing entity”, recruiting heads of the European intelligence institutions, and of the national governments and of the Church itself, having no less tan two Vatican Secretaries of State –the second men in power right below the Pope himself- as Freemasons, members of this “non-regular” lodge, working for this network under the CIA supervision.

The Mexican book "Secret Vatican" explains how this Lodge carried out a Masonic “civil war” or "insurrection" inside the world Masonic Institution, and became “an autonomous island”, sectretly supported by the U.S. intelligence. This chain of actions are vastly unknown by masses of freemasons. The reason why this Lodge gained this notorious status points directly at the U.S. Government: Operation Gladio.

The purpose of these multiple terrorist attacks, conducted by the U.S. Government against Europe –in many cases in collusion with European chiefs of state-, was no other than “creating instability and tension” –according to U. S. National Security documents presented in “Secret Vatican” (Penguin Random House)- within the European nations, biasing the public opinion in those European countries to lay the blame on Left-wing organizations, and ultimately, on the Soviet Union itself.

This “Strategy of Tension” described in “Secret Vatican” (Penguin Random House) caused European nations to seal alligances –military and political- with the United States, by means of the NATO, and against the Soviet Communist Block. Operation Gladio was a U.S. terrorist program to get nations in line during the Cold War. The Vatican played a huge role in it; but the Popes themselves were “out of the loop”. Popes were not supposed to “know” –except for the first one during this time-span: Pius XII, the suscriber of this U.S.-Vatican “secret marriage” that American journalist Carl Bernstein described as “The Holy Alliance”.

Pope John Paul I got killed for looking into this cobweb. Pope Benedict XVI, three decades later, was forced to resign –as “Secret Vatican” reveals, because of a Vatican Bank investigation, and because Benedict intended to modify the Bank’s statutes.

The core of this plot is the Vatican Bank, bacause of three characteristics it has from its very creation back in 1942: the Bank’s privacy clauses that protect its accountholders’ identities –from any police or investigative authority-; its autonomy, and; its status of separate command with respect to the Pontificial hierarchy. In other words: it’s a bank created to keep secrets, even from the Catholic Supreme Ponfiff himself. "Secret Vatican", by Leopoldo Mendivil, states: “it’s no surprise that the U.S. government provided a substantial financial support from the beginning, to create this Bank in 1942.”

During the Cold War -1945-1989-, the Vatican, in many senses, was a hostage, under a Washington rule, the Pope himself cornered and pushed against the Soviet Union, as a “propaganda battering-ram” to condemn Communism and to exalt Capitalism as a “state of liberty” and of “Christian economy” –as if Christ himself had been a Capitalist ever-. This is where the “secondary” branch of this global plot appears in "Secreto Vaticano": the Apocalyptic speech that has been used even today to discredit and destroy Pope Francis’ Pontificate –and used years before to discredit Popes John XXII, Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, when their policies diverged from the “desired line” layed out for the Vatican by the United States intelligence community.

"Secreto Vaticano" –Secret Vatican- explores this “Apocalyptic” speech that is in fact a most effective propaganda weapon deployed to rise or to bring down any public figure within the Catholic world, specially if he is the Pope. "Secret Vatican", by Leopoldo Mendívil López, explores these two main components of the Catholic Apocalyptic speech: the Book of Revelations itself, and the Three Secrets of Fatima –reportedly revealed by Virgin Mary to three child shepards in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917-. In both cases, a quick but shocking analysis brings up a “revelation” that many believers won’t easily believe: historical evidence, hard to keep hidden anymore, shows that the Book of Revelations –itself the most scary and “dark” section if the Gospel of the Christ- is a plain forgery, of which many of the most respected Fathers of the Church openly criticized its falsehood.

Regarding Fatima, "Secret Vatican" (Penguin Random House) recounts the facts that many authors have concluded before: there’s a deep and dark story about the way the “story of Fatima” was formed and took shape during decades –specially as a tool for the Cold War against Communism and against the Soviet Union as a political block of nations-. It's no surprise that Operation Gladio and the Second Promise of Fatima –the one predicting the “fall” of the Soviet Union and the call for a Pontifical conversion of Russia to the “Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary”-, both “programs” collided in Poland in the 1980s, and caused the polish Catholic revolt that ultimately brought down the Soviet “Empire” and initiated the current world order.

As former Congressman Agostino Spataro said, “the book is shocking” and could be renamed “Holy Apostasy” –Apostasy is the event that Catholics believe is predicted to take place in the wake of the End of Times, according to the Book of Revelations and the Fatima Secrets.

Agostino Spataro heads the European news website –Informazioni on line dal Mediterraneo. “Mediterranean Information on-line”-. His latest book, “21st. Century: Economy of Terror” –written with Giuseppe Lo Brutto-, is a deep analysis of the world order as it is taking shape as a consequence of hipercapitalism and the crisis of the world. The escenario for the coming years, the book says, is disturbing, prone to war –even locally- with important activity in Latin America and MENA (Middle East and North Africa). “Given the high number of conflicts (52%) in place in this category of countries), you might think about a 'war on Islam.' Religion has little or nothing to do here: war is about the control of hydrocarbons that, in large measure, are found in the subsoil of the lands of Islam”.

Spataro is author of many important books as “Missili e Mafia: la Sicilia dopo Comiso” (1985); “Missili, addio!: comiso dopo gli accordi di Washington” (1888); “The countries of the Gulf: oil, economy, politics, armaments, human rights” (1991); “Islamic Fundamentalism; the Political Islam” (1995); “Mediterranean: the Utopy that is Posible” (1995); and “The Origin of Bin Laden” (2001).

Secret Vatican –“Secreto Vaticano”, by the Penguin Random House Group- is authored by Leopoldo Mendívil López, Mexican, author of “Secreto 1910” –the U.S. Financing of the “Mexican Revolution”-; “Secreto 1929” –the “U.S. intervention to create the ruling political system in México during the 20th Century”; and “Secreto-R” –the power of the Rockefeller family behind the creation of the modern world hegemony.

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